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My Woes of Christmas

The Holidays are over. Well, almost, only New Year’s Eve to go. And like every year it’s beenChristmastree hard. My husband and I combined have one parent left. All the others are deceased. In our day to day life we deal with it pretty well, but on days like this it is hard on both of us.
When my mother was still alive I always dreaded the yearly Christmas visit. I wasn’t close with my mother and I disliked having to spend a day with her. And now that she’s gone, looking back, it wasn’t that bad. Her house would be decorated, we would exchange gifts and we would have dinner together. I now realise that that was what Christmas was for me. Instead of just sitting at home another day we would be together enjoying each other’s company.
My father would usually work at Christmas, so for me concerning him that is less painful. I can’t speak for my husband’s feelings concerning the loss of his father.

Luckily I am blessed with a sweet mother and sister in law. We spent the 25th together. That was great fun as we had dinner together and afterwards played some games.

We are not religious people, so Christmas holds little meaning to us apart from spending time with family and exchanging gifts. With our dwindling family this is painful though.

Why I choose to share this with you? Because it bothers me and I’m trying to provide some background to Liz Black the writer. I am a writer of pornography, that is true, but I’m also a human with a troubled background like loads of others out there. And on the upside, yesterday I wrote a great final scene to a dark story about a vampire. That story will be released soon 🙂