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Excerpt ‘Ass for Auction’

I was out for a walk when the idea for an auction story AssforAuctioncame to me. I don’t know from where, probably a random hit from the land of the muses. My husband thought I was angry with him because I was walking so fast and apparently with my hands balled into fists. I wasn’t angry, I was seeing the scene where the girl was auctioned off and bought by the most beautiful man in the audience.

When I had written down the auction-bit, I considered what I would find most exciting to happen next in the weekend. Anal. So anal became the central theme for the weekend. I had a great time writing this story and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

‘Ass for Auction’ has been released on Smashwords and is now available for purchase:

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Update March 22nd!Hisfortwonights

Amazon has marked this book as ‘adult’, so in response I have chastened the cover and title. The new title is ‘His for Two Nights’. And a new cover:






Free excerpt:

“Come, I’ll help you lie down.” He sat upright, helped me move from him and helped me to lie down. I was lying on my back, hands still bound. He got down next to me; our faces were almost level.

“So what are your plans for the weekend?”

“Plans?” I thought the point was that I couldn’t have any plans.

“Apart from being stuck here with me. Is there anything you’re interested in? Anything you’d like to learn?” I chewed at my lip. His hand moved between my labia and started to softly stroke my inner flesh.

“No, not really.” His stroking became more intense. “You will not hurt me, right?” He huffed.

“Look into my eyes and tell me if you think I’d hurt you.”

I looked into his eyes, but I did not understand what he meant.

“Ehm, no?”

“I will not hurt you. I’m no sadist.” His fingers plunged deep into my pussy. “I will, however, make you come. Repeatedly.”

He fingered me so hard I could no longer focus on his words, only on his actions. With one hand he frantically rubbed my clit while with the other he fucked me hard. My head moved from side to side on the bed.

“We will explore your limits, girl, until pleasure causes pain. We will find a lesson for you to learn.” He managed to hit spots with his fingers that seemed to be connected to my core. No one had ever made me feel like this before, certainly not with his hands in a matter of seconds.

I could not fight the orgasm that was building within me. The room disappeared around me. All I knew and felt were his hands. He was relentless. I screamed when I came. The man continued to move within me, slower now. His fingers still worked their magic.

Instead of pulling out of me he continued to stroke me. I heard the slopping sounds from the juices in my cunt. When I looked at him he was focused on my body, trying to find the right angle to please me most. And he found it, again. Slightly different than before he had found a most stimulating spot. It took a bit longer this time, but again I screamed as I came.

Two whole seconds. That’s all he gave me to recuperate. Then his hand started to move again, this time with his other hand on my clit. My skin was so sensitive from the orgasms. I could not keep still. My body was moving back and forth while my moans became louder. At last all I could utter was: “No, no, no.” Yet he kept on moving and I reached my third orgasm in a row.

He stroked my stomach as I calmed down. The hand between my legs was about to start moving again; it was already stroking my labia.

“No, no, please,” I begged him.

“No? Not one more?”

Excerpt ‘One Night Stand with three’

This story is the first menage story thatOneNightStandwithThree I have ever written. I was wondering whether I could write man on man sex and with a dominant female for once. Turns out that I could 🙂

I loved how the characters developed and how the simple one night stand changed Damian’s life forever (somewhere in the realm of fictional characters ;))

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

The book is free to read through Kindle Unlimited and available for purchase here:

Free excerpt from the story:

“Ehm, I, I don’t know if this some misunderstanding or anything, but I, ehm, I’m not gay. I mean, no offense.” Damian turned even redder than he had already become. Tyler merely smiled.

“Neither am I, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun together.” He stepped closer, took Damian by the neck and kissed him passionately on the mouth. “See, nothing weird about that.”

Wow. That one kiss had completely taken away his breath. Tyler had felt so strong, so masculine and yet so enjoyable.

“But yeah, I could do with a warm-up. I take it you have never given head before?”

Damian looked down at his own penis. “No, not to a man.”

“Well, first time for everything.” He heard his own words being used against him. Tyler dropped his pants and underwear and started to stroke his dick. For a moment Damian was indecisive. Should he really…? What the hell, why not.

He dropped down on his knees, just like Rebecca had done earlier. He had never been this close to another man’s penis before. He closed his hand around it; in the way he liked it best. He slowly moved his hand and studied the reactions he saw. How strange to be doing this and not being able to feel it himself. He looked up at Tyler and saw him waiting expectedly. That’s when he decided to go on with it. He embraced the dick in front of him with his mouth. This felt really weird. He had never expected it to feel so big, to feel so filled. Somehow he knew how he needed to make the movements that he loved to receive so much. And judging by Tyler’s movements and moans he was indeed making the right ones.

“So how are we doing in here?” Rebecca reentered the room. Damian didn’t even look up. He was too entrenched in his new job. “Seems like you’re having a good time.” She put the drinks on the table. She then turned to Tyler. “Hi love, I’m glad that you’re back.” She kissed him on the mouth. “No reply? Is he that good?” She smiled and sat down behind Damian. She grabbed his dick. “Wow, you’re back up quickly. And harder than before.”

Damian had already noticed that he was very hard indeed, but had thought it was because of the exceptional circumstances. She proceeded to stroke his dick softly. He was giving the task his all and enjoyed it immensely.

“Anyone wanna make me come?” Rebecca asked while she lay down on the couch with her legs spread.

The Right Girl

‘The Right Girl’ is a story with the main characters of the story ‘One Summer Safe’. Leena meets Max for this first time at the afterparty of the rock group of which he is the drummer. She gets to go to his hotel room. He asks things of her which make her feel uncomfortable. Will she abide by his rules? The story is M/f and has a light BDSM theme to it. Download it for free: