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Swayed by Rock

‘Swayed by Rock’ is as the title suggests a hot story about a rock star and how he seduces a journalist of classical music. At first Joan is intimidated by the tattoos and the free moral the band members appear to have towards sex. Will the drummer be able to sway her from the stiff circumstances she is used to?

‘Swayed by Rock’ has been released on Amazon and Smashwords and is now available for purchase:







Joan’s always been happy with her Bach—or even Beethoven if she really wanted to let her hair down. Filling in for a colleague one day, she meets famous, arrogant and disinterested rocker Rick for what should be a simple interview—and is soon thrust into an unfamiliar world of excess and debauchery.

SwayedByRockShe had heard all the stories, but never believed they were real. Running from her shock she bumps into Rick’s bandmate, drummer Ken.

Ken has been a drummer his whole life. Laid back, but brooding with a painful past, he offers to do the interviewhimself. As the interview progresses, Joan discovers that there’s something much deeper to the drummer…

As Joan finds herself thrust into the center of the world of rock ‘n’ roll—and with only one vaguely familiar face, she has to ask herself some serious questions. Can Ken teach Joan the wild spirit of rock ‘n’ roll—or will Joan’s passion rub off on the disillusioned drummer?

This 6500 word story details the electric sexual interaction between two consenting adults: the rebellious rocker and a straight-laced journalist.

Excerpt ‘Drained by Him’

The story ‘Drained by Him’ was actually inspired by a Twilight movie. This is not because I hate the franchise, but I watched the final movie and I thought back to the vampire story I had written: ‘Quench his Thirst‘. Writing about vampires is addictive in a way, because he is my meanest character and one of the few characters that does not necessarily fall in love with his victims. I wanted to combine the vampire with an online dating site. The second girl in my story, the stupid one, was not planned but kept popping back up. So I incorporated her into the story and put her blood to good use 🙂

‘Drained by Him’ has been released on Amazon and is now available for purchase or to download through Kindle Unlimited:


One vampire – two girls

One girl wants the vampire’s blood for the special powers, the other girl wants to sacrifice her blood so her death won’t be in vain. He seizes the opportunity to make the best of both worlds. Guess which one of the three will get his desires?




Free excerpt from the story:

Warning! This story is for adults only and not for
the faint of heart!

“I know. I’m going to let you go. You will kneel down before me. I will blindfold you and you will get the blood you crave so much. In thanks you will suck me.”

“Okay.” Her voice was smaller now. He shoved her away. She rubbed the back of her head, but didn’t say anything.

She turned around and knelt down before him. He pulled a blindfold out of his pocket and pulled it over her eyes.

“Stick out your tongue.”

“How much will you give me?”


She pouted, but then stuck out her tongue. Arthur opened the vial and let a few drops of Oleander’s blood land on Z.’s tongue. He quickly resealed the vial and put it away. It smelled way too good.


She swallowed it.

“That’s it?”

“The blood is strong. I don’t want you to OD.”

Z. threw her head back as if in ecstasy. “Mmm, you’re right. It is strong. I can feel the energy flowing through me. It’s like I can taste your maleness. This feels so good.”

Arthur shook his head. This girl was so full of bullshit. He lowered his pants and stroked his dick. The smell of blood had turned him on and, if anything, the girl would be hot and wet around him.

“Open,” he commanded.

“Oh, more blood?”

He grabbed her by the back of her head and pushed his dick into her mouth hard. She spluttered, but he wouldn’t back out. She tried to speak, but he wouldn’t have it. He fucked her mouth hard. To feel her wet warm saliva around his cold flesh felt amazing. It would have been better while drinking her blood, but this was a good second. He fucked her relentlessly until he came. This was not in his top 10 of best fucks ever, but it would have to do.

He pushed her away and walked to the sink to clean himself. She coughed and pushed her blindfold up.

“Wow, that was rough. Couldn’t you be more careful?”

“You wanted blood, you got blood. This was the price. If you want more blood, come back next week.”

Drained by Him

My second horror release is out! A thousand year old vampire gets two requests by two separate girls. The one wants his blood, the other one wants to give him her blood. How will he reconcile the situation?

This is the second book in the ‘Bloodlust’ series. You can find book one, ‘Quench his Thirst’ here:

‘Drained by Him’ has been released on Amazon and is now available for purchase or to download through Kindle Unlimited:


One vampire – two girls

One girl wants the vampire’s blood for the special powers, the other girl wants to sacrifice her blood so her death won’t be in vain. He seizes the opportunity to make the best of both worlds. Guess which one of the three will get his desires?



Mended by the Billionaire

Part 2 of the Surrender series is out now! In the first part, Healed by the Billionaire, it took a while for Walter and Michelle to get to know each other. But now that they do, will Michelle trust Walter enough to continue on the healing process that was started in book one?

‘Mended by the Billionaire’ has been released on Amazon and is now available for purchase or to download through Kindle Unlimited:




Billionaire Walter wants Michelle to touch him. Despite her fears, how far will she go? 

The first steps were set in ‘Healed by the Billionaire’, part one of ‘Surrender’, but the journey continues. 



Excerpt ‘One Night Stand with three’

This story is the first menage story thatOneNightStandwithThree I have ever written. I was wondering whether I could write man on man sex and with a dominant female for once. Turns out that I could 🙂

I loved how the characters developed and how the simple one night stand changed Damian’s life forever (somewhere in the realm of fictional characters ;))

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

The book is free to read through Kindle Unlimited and available for purchase here:

Free excerpt from the story:

“Ehm, I, I don’t know if this some misunderstanding or anything, but I, ehm, I’m not gay. I mean, no offense.” Damian turned even redder than he had already become. Tyler merely smiled.

“Neither am I, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun together.” He stepped closer, took Damian by the neck and kissed him passionately on the mouth. “See, nothing weird about that.”

Wow. That one kiss had completely taken away his breath. Tyler had felt so strong, so masculine and yet so enjoyable.

“But yeah, I could do with a warm-up. I take it you have never given head before?”

Damian looked down at his own penis. “No, not to a man.”

“Well, first time for everything.” He heard his own words being used against him. Tyler dropped his pants and underwear and started to stroke his dick. For a moment Damian was indecisive. Should he really…? What the hell, why not.

He dropped down on his knees, just like Rebecca had done earlier. He had never been this close to another man’s penis before. He closed his hand around it; in the way he liked it best. He slowly moved his hand and studied the reactions he saw. How strange to be doing this and not being able to feel it himself. He looked up at Tyler and saw him waiting expectedly. That’s when he decided to go on with it. He embraced the dick in front of him with his mouth. This felt really weird. He had never expected it to feel so big, to feel so filled. Somehow he knew how he needed to make the movements that he loved to receive so much. And judging by Tyler’s movements and moans he was indeed making the right ones.

“So how are we doing in here?” Rebecca reentered the room. Damian didn’t even look up. He was too entrenched in his new job. “Seems like you’re having a good time.” She put the drinks on the table. She then turned to Tyler. “Hi love, I’m glad that you’re back.” She kissed him on the mouth. “No reply? Is he that good?” She smiled and sat down behind Damian. She grabbed his dick. “Wow, you’re back up quickly. And harder than before.”

Damian had already noticed that he was very hard indeed, but had thought it was because of the exceptional circumstances. She proceeded to stroke his dick softly. He was giving the task his all and enjoyed it immensely.

“Anyone wanna make me come?” Rebecca asked while she lay down on the couch with her legs spread.

Ass for Auction

Update March 22nd!Hisfortwonights

Amazon has marked this book as ‘adult’, so in response I have chastened the cover and title. The new title is ‘His for Two Nights’. And a new cover:





My latest release is all about anal sex! Regner buys Frederique during an auction and has set his mind on fucking her virgin ass. Frederique is not so hot on that idea. Yet she is his for the weekend…

‘Ass for Auction’ has been released on Amazon and is now available for purchase or to download through Kindle Unlimited:

To give myself over to a complete stranger for an entire weekend…that is what I signed up AssforAuctionfor. What will this mystery man do to me?

Frederique takes part of an auction at a local club. She doesn’t know who will buy her and what will transpire in the weekend.

Regner spent a good deal of money on her. He discovers unchartered territory. Will she enjoy the time exploring this new area? Will she learn to love it?

Warning: This 8800 word story is for adults only and contains scenes of sex, oral sex and anal sex between consenting adults.

One Night Stand with three

My first menage story is out! The story deals with Damian. He always thought he was dreaming of a future with a white picket fence, but then he spends the night with Rebecca and her roommate Tyler.

‘One Night Stand with three’ has been released on Amazon and is now available for purchase or to download through Kindle Unlimited:


Damian was seduced by Rebecca for a hot one night stand over at her place. Things were hot and heavy. Then Tyler the housemate came in! He turned the night around as well as Damian’s life… 
This 4700 word story deals with sexual interactions between consenting adults, both MM and MMF.

Excerpt ‘Quench his Thirst’

I love vampires. I’m a big fan of True Blood and I have tried several times to write a vampire story myself. I usually failed, but this time I succeeded. The inspiration came to me when I was at a performance of one of my favourite bands: Corvus Corax. They have this one slow song called ‘Mille Anni Passi Sunt’ (a thousand years have passed). I always thought it was a bit boring, since it’s a slow song. But this time the singer explained that it was about vampires. That caught my attention!

During the performance the singer let out a menacingQuenchHisThirst ‘vampire laugh’ and that’s when the basics for this story came to me. A few weeks later I was at a different festival and I witnessed a telling of a dark story. I can’t remember which story, but it was a dark 19th century tale about a curse in a building. That’s when my inspiration added a few more of the details to this story. I think it turned out dark and yet very hot. I loved to write the sadistic side of this vampire. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

The book is free to read through Kindle Unlimited and available for purchase here:

Free excerpt from the story:

Warning! This story is for adults only and not for
the faint of heart!

He went outside and stretched. He loved the feel of the cold night’s air on his skin. He couldn’t remember what it was like to feel the sun on his skin, but he enjoyed the moonlight. Especially now that it was almost full moon he could feel the rays of the darkened light. He sprinted through the woods. He felt free. When he neared the outskirts of the city he caught the scent of a woman. Humans knew vampires were around and usually staid inside during the night, or at least in company of others. This woman was alone, he sensed no one near them. He didn’t have to be fed yet, but this was too good an opportunity to let pass by.

He sauntered over to where she was.

“Good evening.” He nodded to her.

“Oh hey.” He smelled her fear. Good, that made the taste of her blood even stronger. Her hair was in a tight ponytail, yet she made the movement of putting a lock of her hair away. She had large brown eyes and dark hair.

“Are you all right, miss?” She sniffed.

“Yes, thank you.” She tried to walk away from him. Of course he followed her. This game was even more fun than the actual catching of the prey.

“Anything I could help you with?”

“No, thanks.” She turned around to offer him an apologetic smile and that’s when he had her. He locked his eyes on hers.

“Undress yourself and offer yourself to me.” She nodded slowly. “Do it now.”

She unbuttoned her coat and continued to take off all her clothing until she was naked. Her demeanor was that of resignation.

“Good, now offer yourself.” He was curious to see what she would do. Everyone seemed to have a different interpretation. She lay down on the ground and spread her legs. He was surprised. Most women just offered their necks. He would indulge her on this last night of her life. He lay down on top of her. With his hand he guided his cock into her. She was definitely not ready for him. She moaned in protest. He didn’t mind. After a few thrusts she was lubricated enough to make it somewhat enjoyable.

It was time. He sank his fangs into her neck. She screamed in pain, but there was no one to help. Her warm blood tasted good to him. She tasted young, healthy. He wasn’t very hungry, but now his instincts took over. While sucking the blood out of his prey, he rammed his hard cock deep into her body. Her screams subsided. He let go of her neck to shift his position.

“Please,” she whispered.


Quench his Thirst

My first horror release is out! It’s not a love story, a thousand year old vampire has nothing to do with love. He only wants nurture and pleasure, at all costs.  ‘Quench his Thirst’ has been released on Amazon and is now available for purchase or to download through Kindle Unlimited:



A thousand year old vampire. He is hungry, bored of life and filled with lust.

Vera runs into him at the wrong time at the wrong place. For her.
He intends to play with her. Will she be able to quench his thirst?

Excerpt More to Life

More to Life – World Apart Festival Part 2

1418228365_thumb.jpegI wanted to write a second part to my ‘One Summer Safe’ story because I loved the world and wasn’t ready to let it go yet. My original idea was to have an evil main character who would take advantage of the girl, Gisela in this story. But when I wrote the story, it turned out he wasn’t so evil after all. Torsten’s got a bit of a temper and is certainly not flawless, but he did not abuse the girl. Instead he shows her what life can be like, apart from the decent suburban life she had expected to lead. Is she able to accept that there is more to life?

The book is free to read through Kindle Unlimited and available for purchase here:

Excerpt from the story:

Gisela knocked on the door of the hotel room. 314, right? She hoped she had remembered the room number correctly. Sure enough Torsten opened the door, wearing only a bathrobe. The white fabric accentuated the tan of his skin. His eyes and hair seemed darker than usual as well.

“Hi,” Gisela said while twirling her hair.

“Hey, come in.” His voice was husky. The butterflies in Gisela’s stomach were back, as if this was their first meeting. He let her in. The door closed with a heavy thud.

Uncertain of what to do she walked into the room. The bed looked like he had just been sleeping in it. The room smelled a bit of it too. It felt like she was walking into his private area. Torsten followed her and helped her out of her coat. He took her hand and led her to the chair. Before she could sit down he knelt down before her.

In a matter of seconds he had lifted her skirt and removed her panties. He looked up at her with eyes filled with mischief.

“Sit down.” It was a command, but a friendly one, one filled with promise. Gisela’s breathing became superficial. His robe had opened and she could spot his hard erection. Could that be just because of her? He pushed her legs apart. Gisela could not look away. With one finger he slid between her labia. He pushed inside her vagina just a tiny bit. The finger he withdrew from her was covered in her wetness.

While staring at her intently he licked at the fluid, then sucked his finger clean. He smiled as Gisela looked away. He cupped her labia with his hand and moved softly. Gisela frowned. Why did even this feel so good? With the thumb of his free hand he traced her bottom lip. Before Gisela could kiss it he had pulled away.

He needed both hands to keep her labia spread. He stuck his tongue deep inside her vagina. Gisela put her hips toward him and threw her head back in ecstasy. His tongue seemed to work wonders between her legs. She looked down at him, wondering if this was really happening. With one hand she touched his hair. Definitely real. He looked up at her.

“Enough? Or more?” His lips glistened with her fluids.

“More.” It was barely audible, but he got the gist. His mouth closed around her clit and he sucked her hard. Torsten had to take hold of her hips to keep her still. Gisela was close to the edge. Before she reached her orgasm he pulled away.

He stood up and dropped his robe. Still dazed she looked at him, willing him with her mind to continue. He took her hand and helped her up. She stumbled into him since her legs weren’t ready for her yet. He turned around and sat down on the chair.

With his guidance she placed her legs around his and positioned her pussy above his hard dick. With one hand Torsten guided his dick while with the other one he pulled Gisela down by her hip. Gisela moaned as his gland entered her pussy. He grabbed her ass and pushed himself all the way in. This is what she wanted. She needed him inside her. She didn’t want to move, she wanted to keep him inside her forever, this needed to last forever, but her hips seemed to move as if on their own accord. They moved together, their moves harmonious.

Torsten put his arms around her.

“Hold tight.” He stood up while never vacating Gisela’s pussy. He lowered her on the bed and started to fuck her hard. Gisela wasn’t able to keep still anymore. She moaned hard and her upper body twisted from side to side. Torsten merely fucked her. He didn’t waver one moment. The moment he reached his orgasm, Gisela got hers as well. Her pussy spasmed around his dick.

Torsten rolled off her and turned to his side, with one hand on her stomach.

“Welcome back. I missed you.”