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My Woes of Christmas

The Holidays are over. Well, almost, only New Year’s Eve to go. And like every year it’s beenChristmastree hard. My husband and I combined have one parent left. All the others are deceased. In our day to day life we deal with it pretty well, but on days like this it is hard on both of us.
When my mother was still alive I always dreaded the yearly Christmas visit. I wasn’t close with my mother and I disliked having to spend a day with her. And now that she’s gone, looking back, it wasn’t that bad. Her house would be decorated, we would exchange gifts and we would have dinner together. I now realise that that was what Christmas was for me. Instead of just sitting at home another day we would be together enjoying each other’s company.
My father would usually work at Christmas, so for me concerning him that is less painful. I can’t speak for my husband’s feelings concerning the loss of his father.

Luckily I am blessed with a sweet mother and sister in law. We spent the 25th together. That was great fun as we had dinner together and afterwards played some games.

We are not religious people, so Christmas holds little meaning to us apart from spending time with family and exchanging gifts. With our dwindling family this is painful though.

Why I choose to share this with you? Because it bothers me and I’m trying to provide some background to Liz Black the writer. I am a writer of pornography, that is true, but I’m also a human with a troubled background like loads of others out there. And on the upside, yesterday I wrote a great final scene to a dark story about a vampire. That story will be released soon 🙂

Excerpt More to Life

More to Life – World Apart Festival Part 2

1418228365_thumb.jpegI wanted to write a second part to my ‘One Summer Safe’ story because I loved the world and wasn’t ready to let it go yet. My original idea was to have an evil main character who would take advantage of the girl, Gisela in this story. But when I wrote the story, it turned out he wasn’t so evil after all. Torsten’s got a bit of a temper and is certainly not flawless, but he did not abuse the girl. Instead he shows her what life can be like, apart from the decent suburban life she had expected to lead. Is she able to accept that there is more to life?

The book is free to read through Kindle Unlimited and available for purchase here:

Excerpt from the story:

Gisela knocked on the door of the hotel room. 314, right? She hoped she had remembered the room number correctly. Sure enough Torsten opened the door, wearing only a bathrobe. The white fabric accentuated the tan of his skin. His eyes and hair seemed darker than usual as well.

“Hi,” Gisela said while twirling her hair.

“Hey, come in.” His voice was husky. The butterflies in Gisela’s stomach were back, as if this was their first meeting. He let her in. The door closed with a heavy thud.

Uncertain of what to do she walked into the room. The bed looked like he had just been sleeping in it. The room smelled a bit of it too. It felt like she was walking into his private area. Torsten followed her and helped her out of her coat. He took her hand and led her to the chair. Before she could sit down he knelt down before her.

In a matter of seconds he had lifted her skirt and removed her panties. He looked up at her with eyes filled with mischief.

“Sit down.” It was a command, but a friendly one, one filled with promise. Gisela’s breathing became superficial. His robe had opened and she could spot his hard erection. Could that be just because of her? He pushed her legs apart. Gisela could not look away. With one finger he slid between her labia. He pushed inside her vagina just a tiny bit. The finger he withdrew from her was covered in her wetness.

While staring at her intently he licked at the fluid, then sucked his finger clean. He smiled as Gisela looked away. He cupped her labia with his hand and moved softly. Gisela frowned. Why did even this feel so good? With the thumb of his free hand he traced her bottom lip. Before Gisela could kiss it he had pulled away.

He needed both hands to keep her labia spread. He stuck his tongue deep inside her vagina. Gisela put her hips toward him and threw her head back in ecstasy. His tongue seemed to work wonders between her legs. She looked down at him, wondering if this was really happening. With one hand she touched his hair. Definitely real. He looked up at her.

“Enough? Or more?” His lips glistened with her fluids.

“More.” It was barely audible, but he got the gist. His mouth closed around her clit and he sucked her hard. Torsten had to take hold of her hips to keep her still. Gisela was close to the edge. Before she reached her orgasm he pulled away.

He stood up and dropped his robe. Still dazed she looked at him, willing him with her mind to continue. He took her hand and helped her up. She stumbled into him since her legs weren’t ready for her yet. He turned around and sat down on the chair.

With his guidance she placed her legs around his and positioned her pussy above his hard dick. With one hand Torsten guided his dick while with the other one he pulled Gisela down by her hip. Gisela moaned as his gland entered her pussy. He grabbed her ass and pushed himself all the way in. This is what she wanted. She needed him inside her. She didn’t want to move, she wanted to keep him inside her forever, this needed to last forever, but her hips seemed to move as if on their own accord. They moved together, their moves harmonious.

Torsten put his arms around her.

“Hold tight.” He stood up while never vacating Gisela’s pussy. He lowered her on the bed and started to fuck her hard. Gisela wasn’t able to keep still anymore. She moaned hard and her upper body twisted from side to side. Torsten merely fucked her. He didn’t waver one moment. The moment he reached his orgasm, Gisela got hers as well. Her pussy spasmed around his dick.

Torsten rolled off her and turned to his side, with one hand on her stomach.

“Welcome back. I missed you.”


Why I write

The truth is: I cannot go without writing. I am not in this for the money. Okay, that’s a lie. I 1419117237_thumb.jpegwant to quit my day job and write for a living, so I do want to earn money writing. It’s just that I will continue to write, no matter what. I can even imagine myself being in prison being perfectly happy as long as I would have a notebook and a pencil, or a laptop nowadays.
As a child I’ve always written short stories. As a teenager I switched to fan fiction and erotica. It was the 90s, so the terms didn’t exist yet. But I’ve already written about this here.
During a time when I tried to be christian I’ve stopped writing. I’ve also quit writing for a long time while I was waiting for inspiration. Yeah, I really did. The magical inspiration I was waiting for didn’t come. I can’t even remember which story was my first one after that break.
I took a writing course in writing stories. It was there that I learned that I could write with an assignment. I could even write reasonably okay stories that weren’t erotica. They were written in the fantasy genre. I cannot write literary stories about every day life.
This is also why I never imagined a life as a writer. Dutch literature is about daily life and strange characters within it. I think it’s the same worldwide. I have never pictured myself writing a novel and presenting it to a publisher to have it end up in a bookstore.
The reason why I write in the erotica genre, which I consider to be part of fantasy, is that I want to escape every day life. I want to escape my mundane existence. When I write about the World Apart festival, it’s because I want to spend more time at the festivals that I visit in the Summer. And in my fantasy I can even go backstage and have sex with the drummer.
I truly believe that something happens in your brain while writing that makes you experience these things as if they are really happening. I don’t tell my characters what to say, I only have to listen. And sometimes my characters surprise me, like when Max told Leena he loved her. I remember telling that to my husband, because it changed the flow of the story. And my husband said: Then why don’t you just delete it? But I couldn’t do that. It wasn’t something that I had fabricated, it was something that my character had told me. So I had to deal with it.
So now I have chosen a career as a writer. I have published my first books, I have made the first money. I am making plans to move house and to quit my day job. Will I abandon this journey and give up like I have done with so many other projects in my life? I might give up on publishing, but I will never quit writing. It’s what I do. It makes me feel calm inside. It adds wealth to my life. It enables me to experience situations that would never be possible in real life. It is my life.

More to Life

‘More to Life’ is now online. It has been released on Amazon and is now available for purchase or to download through Kindle Unlimited:

Ever felt passion so strong that you just couldn’t break free, no matter how hard you tried?

Meet Gisela; a sweet Christian girl who has never known anything but good… until she met Torsten. Torsten is the head of a band called Fiddler’s Inferno, and a definite playboy. Gisela never dreamed she would be lucky enough to even speak to him, let alone be the one he chose to play with – after all, he was dangerously gorgeous and had a body one would die for. From the moment they met, the sparks were flying and it didn’t take long for the fire to start… but will it burn forever?

Will Gisela stay tangled in this passion filled romance and be his girl, or will she break free and go back to the suburban life she thought she was destined for?

Healed by the Billionaire

Set in the world of tailored suits and limousines is the story ‘Healed by the Billionaire’. Michelle meets Walter without knowing who he is. He is intrigued by her and sets his mind upon helping her. Will he be able to help her, human to human? His methods seem rather carnal…

‘Healed by the Billionaire’ has been released on Amazon and is now available for purchase or to download through Kindle Unlimited:





Michelle hadn’t been intimate with anyone in almost a decade. Can billionaire Walter help her overcome her anxieties? 



Everything for her Grades

The second book in the series ‘Special Tutoring’ is here! This book is a follow-up to the first book ‘Anything for her Grades’ and continues to follow the adventures of the teacher of French Saul Hampton. ‘Everything for her Grades’ has been released on Amazon and is now available for purchase or to download through Kindle Unlimited:

Which of his students needs help in passing the course? Lindsey does. 

He invites her to his place for some private tutoring. Will he be able to teach her anything, perhaps something other than French?

She even teaches him a thing or two. Who will gain most from this arrangement?