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I’ve been thinking about writing this postDepositphotos_72511619_l for a long time. For so long actually that I haven’t written any other posts in the meantime. As mentioned earlier in other posts, I worry about what to reveal as Liz Black. I don’t want to divulge too much personal information. I don’t want people in my day job to find out and should I ever get fans I don’t want them to be able to find my home address. What is all this based upon? Fear.

I am afraid of many things. I am afraid to lose the few people I have left. I am afraid of leaving my job. I am afraid of the dentist. I am afraid of the dark. I am afraid this whole writing thing is a scam, and I will never be able to sustain myself with it. I am afraid of developing some serious disease. I am afraid of losing my mind. I am afraid of never reaching my full potential. I am afraid I’ll never write a decent story in my life ever again. The only thing I’m not afraid of is death.

Why am I telling this now? When I published my first story about six months ago, I decided not to be the person to complain all the time. I used to have people like that on Facebook, and I blocked them because of it. The problem is that I became silent. I turn silent when I have nothing useful to say. I don’t think that’s a bad trait, but it wasn’t helping me building a presence online.

My fear is also blocking my writing. My sales have been abysmal over the last two months. Now with every story that I come up with, every word that I write I wonder whether it will sell. I’m not writing for me anymore. I don’t write anymore. I have not been able to lose myself in a scene in a long time. And that’s when I do my best writing. I keep staring at the blank screen, and every writer knows how scary that is. I hate every sentence that I type. Of course I’ve been trying to write stories just for me, but even that mind trick doesn’t work anymore.

I’ve been seeing a homeopath, and I’ve been given drops to help me with my depression and my anxieties. I feel a bit better now. I have a little more courage. I think it’s a struggle for the rest of my life. Lately I’ve also started to review indie stories. I enjoy that greatly. It’s fun to read good stories, and to help others by leaving a review.

The moral of this story? My silence has its causes. It’s not because I’m not interested. It’s not because I’m not putting an effort into my writing. The demons from my past have been blocking me for a long time now. I hope one day to slay them and to be able to say I am happy. Though I doubt that day will ever come.

Swayed by Rock

‘Swayed by Rock’ is as the title suggests a hot story about a rock star and how he seduces a journalist of classical music. At first Joan is intimidated by the tattoos and the free moral the band members appear to have towards sex. Will the drummer be able to sway her from the stiff circumstances she is used to?

‘Swayed by Rock’ has been released on Amazon and Smashwords and is now available for purchase:







Joan’s always been happy with her Bach—or even Beethoven if she really wanted to let her hair down. Filling in for a colleague one day, she meets famous, arrogant and disinterested rocker Rick for what should be a simple interview—and is soon thrust into an unfamiliar world of excess and debauchery.

SwayedByRockShe had heard all the stories, but never believed they were real. Running from her shock she bumps into Rick’s bandmate, drummer Ken.

Ken has been a drummer his whole life. Laid back, but brooding with a painful past, he offers to do the interviewhimself. As the interview progresses, Joan discovers that there’s something much deeper to the drummer…

As Joan finds herself thrust into the center of the world of rock ‘n’ roll—and with only one vaguely familiar face, she has to ask herself some serious questions. Can Ken teach Joan the wild spirit of rock ‘n’ roll—or will Joan’s passion rub off on the disillusioned drummer?

This 6500 word story details the electric sexual interaction between two consenting adults: the rebellious rocker and a straight-laced journalist.

Excerpt ‘Drained by Him’

The story ‘Drained by Him’ was actually inspired by a Twilight movie. This is not because I hate the franchise, but I watched the final movie and I thought back to the vampire story I had written: ‘Quench his Thirst‘. Writing about vampires is addictive in a way, because he is my meanest character and one of the few characters that does not necessarily fall in love with his victims. I wanted to combine the vampire with an online dating site. The second girl in my story, the stupid one, was not planned but kept popping back up. So I incorporated her into the story and put her blood to good use 🙂

‘Drained by Him’ has been released on Amazon and is now available for purchase or to download through Kindle Unlimited:


One vampire – two girls

One girl wants the vampire’s blood for the special powers, the other girl wants to sacrifice her blood so her death won’t be in vain. He seizes the opportunity to make the best of both worlds. Guess which one of the three will get his desires?




Free excerpt from the story:

Warning! This story is for adults only and not for
the faint of heart!

“I know. I’m going to let you go. You will kneel down before me. I will blindfold you and you will get the blood you crave so much. In thanks you will suck me.”

“Okay.” Her voice was smaller now. He shoved her away. She rubbed the back of her head, but didn’t say anything.

She turned around and knelt down before him. He pulled a blindfold out of his pocket and pulled it over her eyes.

“Stick out your tongue.”

“How much will you give me?”


She pouted, but then stuck out her tongue. Arthur opened the vial and let a few drops of Oleander’s blood land on Z.’s tongue. He quickly resealed the vial and put it away. It smelled way too good.


She swallowed it.

“That’s it?”

“The blood is strong. I don’t want you to OD.”

Z. threw her head back as if in ecstasy. “Mmm, you’re right. It is strong. I can feel the energy flowing through me. It’s like I can taste your maleness. This feels so good.”

Arthur shook his head. This girl was so full of bullshit. He lowered his pants and stroked his dick. The smell of blood had turned him on and, if anything, the girl would be hot and wet around him.

“Open,” he commanded.

“Oh, more blood?”

He grabbed her by the back of her head and pushed his dick into her mouth hard. She spluttered, but he wouldn’t back out. She tried to speak, but he wouldn’t have it. He fucked her mouth hard. To feel her wet warm saliva around his cold flesh felt amazing. It would have been better while drinking her blood, but this was a good second. He fucked her relentlessly until he came. This was not in his top 10 of best fucks ever, but it would have to do.

He pushed her away and walked to the sink to clean himself. She coughed and pushed her blindfold up.

“Wow, that was rough. Couldn’t you be more careful?”

“You wanted blood, you got blood. This was the price. If you want more blood, come back next week.”