More to Life

‘More to Life’ is now online. It has been released on Amazon and is now available for purchase or to download through Kindle Unlimited:

Ever felt passion so strong that you just couldn’t break free, no matter how hard you tried?

Meet Gisela; a sweet Christian girl who has never known anything but good… until she met Torsten. Torsten is the head of a band called Fiddler’s Inferno, and a definite playboy. Gisela never dreamed she would be lucky enough to even speak to him, let alone be the one he chose to play with – after all, he was dangerously gorgeous and had a body one would die for. From the moment they met, the sparks were flying and it didn’t take long for the fire to start… but will it burn forever?

Will Gisela stay tangled in this passion filled romance and be his girl, or will she break free and go back to the suburban life she thought she was destined for?

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