What balance?

This week has been hard on me. I feel like I keep whining here, and I should write more positive posts. I will. Soon. I hope.

Depositphotos_60867129_originalI keep struggling with the question how to distribute my time between work, writing and marketing my writing. The past couple of days I have had zero inspiration, so writing has been really hard. Work also asked a lot of time from me, so that’s where most of my energy went. The problem is that no matter how hard I work at my day job, they don’t see the difference. Or they see it but just don’t acknowledge it.

With my writing I can tell what I have done and what is the result. Last week my activity was low on Twitter and I can immediately tell the difference with the week before when I was active daily. I did have a cartoon version of me made to use on Twitter and Amazon. I also finished my Special Tutoring series with the release of ‘Anyhow for her Grades’. I’m really proud of that achievement.

On the one hand I feel like I should produce content. On the other hand I need to promote my current books and make sure I put out new stuff. And writing still feels good, even a rambling piece of text like this. I guess it’s something all new Indie-authors struggle with. I hope one day I’ll find a balance. Right now I keep doing what feels best to me. Following my heart seems to be the best strategy there is.

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