Ass for Auction

Update March 22nd!Hisfortwonights

Amazon has marked this book as ‘adult’, so in response I have chastened the cover and title. The new title is ‘His for Two Nights’. And a new cover:





My latest release is all about anal sex! Regner buys Frederique during an auction and has set his mind on fucking her virgin ass. Frederique is not so hot on that idea. Yet she is his for the weekend…

‘Ass for Auction’ has been released on Amazon and is now available for purchase or to download through Kindle Unlimited:

To give myself over to a complete stranger for an entire weekend…that is what I signed up AssforAuctionfor. What will this mystery man do to me?

Frederique takes part of an auction at a local club. She doesn’t know who will buy her and what will transpire in the weekend.

Regner spent a good deal of money on her. He discovers unchartered territory. Will she enjoy the time exploring this new area? Will she learn to love it?

Warning: This 8800 word story is for adults only and contains scenes of sex, oral sex and anal sex between consenting adults.

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