Why I chose erotica

Actually, this post should by called: Why erotica chose me. I never actually chose to write erotica.

I have been writing short stories all my life. I started with little ten-line stories about kids visiting a zoo or something equally exciting. When I was a teenager my stories evolved to something that is now called ‘fan-fiction’. Back then we just called them our stories. I exchanged them with my friends who also wrote romantic stories about their favourite pop-hero.

At the same time I started to write sexual stories. I didn’t share these with anyone. They just developed along with my sexual explorations. I chatted with men¬†and discovered that I liked the conversations about BDSM best. So I incorporated these online experiences into my stories. I lost my first notebook with stories, but from what I remember they were pretty aggressive but very arousing. My only access to porn was http://www.bdsmlibrary.com , so I read as much of their stories as I could. Imagine that in a house where the only access to internet is on a¬†computer in the middle of the living room.

Why I wrote

erotica? I didn’t know how to masturbate. Remember, I’m talking about the early 90s here. Porn wasn’t such a public commodity as it is now. And yeah, I read the stories, but they didn’t explain everything. And writing turned me on, it made me feel good. And so like any human being, I continued to do what made me feel good.

In all these years, I’ve always come back to writing and especially writing erotica. I’ve tried to live without it, for several reasons, but it seems like it needs to be in my life. I need it as much as I need food, drink and air. So I figured I might as well share it with the world and maybe someone else will enjoy my writings as well.


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